We use 3D scanning technologies to

Match Bodies
to Bras

Mesh Lingerie Technologies presents a 3D scan to best fitting bra matching system for lingerie retailers to bring every women her perfect bra and enable lingerie brands to standardise their fit.

It’s time for a change

Poorly fitting bras present huge issues for women. Current reports say 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, which can cause back, shoulder and neck pain, skin irritation and breathing problems. Locating a bra that fits is time consuming and may not ultimately be fully successful.

This is frustrating for brands who struggle to communicate the nuances that define ‘fit’ for their collections. Fit advice is therefore a crucial element in the search for the perfect bra. Bad fit advice can ruin your shop’s or brand’s reputation, as told by a COO of an international lingerie brand stating: ‘We are losing customers because of bad fit advice’.

As a retailer you care about fit. But fit advice takes experienced staff and time. During peak hours, this time is just not available for every customer. 

So, let’s take a look at the numbers.


of women are reported to wear the wrong bra size*

minutes is the time it can take to properly perform one bra fitting


of women reports to be unsatisfied by their bra**

milion tons of CO2 is wasted by bra returns due to a wrong fit

Together we can revolutionize the body fashion industry

We want to revolutionize the industry by offering retailers an effective way to match consumers to the best fitting bra available on the market. Our system will reduce fitting time and the number of fittings.

With our white label online plugin, it is possible for consumers to filter on best fit. Our system will reduce online returns and will open up the online retail space for the lingerie industry so it no longer lags behind in online retail. 

Our services

Using a 3D scanning kiosk and Mesh Lingerie Technologies specially developed scanning protocol it is possible to create useful data that upon the application of Mesh algorithms is used to locate the best fitting bras available on the market.


Full analysis

We offer our expertise of engineers and bra designers to analyze your collection and find the best matches.

Easy set up

Our 3D scanning kiosks will fit into existing fitting rooms in any physical store.

Decrease fitting time

In physical stores, it is possible to reduce fitting time and the number of fittings. 

Reduce returns

With our online shop plugin, you can reduce bra sale returns up to 70%.

Come revolutionize the body fashion industry with us,

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